• Live Strength & Conditioning Classes with Birthsmarter  


    In our Prenatal Strength + Cardio class, the brilliant, Jamie Jones will guide you through variations of exercises that will help you strengthen and stabilize necessary muscles for birth while building confidence in your body.  

    During class, you can expect lots of breathwork to get you ready to breathe your way through birth, safe and intentional strength training, and low-impact cardio to keep you prepared for walking up and down stairs (because let’s face it, nothing can get you winded during pregnancy like a flight of stairs). This class can be done with just bodyweight and enhanced with small home equipment should you feel comfortable adding them in. 

    Streamable Classes

    While you might be missing group fitness and that fun in-studio vibe, you can still move your body and have fun right here! In my On Demand library, there are options for every body that can be done whenever it best fits your lifestyle. All classes can be purchased individually or as part of a package.

    1:1 Sessions

    Moving through motherhood requires functional movement and strength. You can train from the comfort of your own home and still stay strong and active throughout your pre/postnatal journey! I am available to assist you with proper breathing instruction, core conditioning, perlvic floor awareness,  strength and cardiovascular training.

    Birth and Postpartum Support

    As a birth doula who is providing virtual support, I am passionate about ensuring birthing mom and support person are equipped with knowledge and tools to step confidently into birth. I offer private doula support and am an educator with Birthsmarter. For private inquires, click the button below. For prenatal and postpartum group classes, visit www.birthsmarter.com.

  • On Demand Classes

  • motivation to move

    I am on my 2nd pregnancy & consider Jamie to be an essential part of both of my pregnancies (and will be for pregnancies to come!) Motivation to move your body when you're pregnant is tough & if it weren't for Jamie, I don't think I would. Her workouts keep me in amazing shape as well as help with back pain, swelling (and other inevitable symptoms). Her passion for pelvic floor health is contagious. I can't recommend her classes enough! - Alex, mom of 1 and 1 on the way!

    meet yourself where you are...

    Until I started working with Jamie I struggled for months to reconnect, both physically and emotionally with my body, postpartum. But Jamie gave me the foundation, tools, and guidance to embrace my body and work towards making it the strongest and healthiest it can be. Jamie has been an incredible support, coach and motivator throughout the journey. Every workout is personalized and catered to my body, my intentions, and my goals. I credit Jamie with giving me the confidence and empowerment to succeed. - Julie, First-time Mom

    Part of our journey

    We were fortunate to find Jamie while researching the option of a doula and were blown away with what a vital part of our pregnancy she turned out to be. Not only was she our birth doula, but we were able to do Childbirth Ed, our labor pushing session, and a post​partum prep session prior to our birth. She made us feel so confident and secure in our ability to make decisions and lean on one another as a couple. I was grateful to have her postpartum classes for movement and had the smoothest recovery thanks to her. - Allison & Max

  • Jamie Jones Fit began during my own quest for strength through my transition into motherhood. Fitness was my main outlet during my battle with postpartum depression and anxiety. After suffering a variety of physical issues due to lack of Prenatal and Postpartum fitness resources, I knew I wanted to help others. I switched careers from VIP Hospitality and grew deeply passionate about keeping others strong and finding balance while navigating their own motherhood journey. I am currently a Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Doula and I'd love to support you!

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